Website Redesign with One Wheel Marketing

We've stepped up our website game recently with a redesign from our friends at One Wheel Marketing. 

Our Old Site

Our previous site was functional, but we knew it was a time to modernize and improve the experience for you, our valued customers! We know that busy mamas have little  time for a sit-down in front of their computer, so we made our number one priority a mobile-friendly website design that you could access easily from your phone.

Other items on the list were improving your shopping experience with a better only store experience store – modernizing the look and feel, and making the resources we provide easier to find and use. 

We love our new site! 

We can't say enough about the process of designing our new site with the One Wheel team. From the start, they listened to our ideas, transforming them into a beautiful site that showcases moms like you and our Snuggle Me baby lounger. 

We just visited Mark and the team to continue making improvements to our site and wanted to show you the magic that happens behind the scenes.  


We hope you love our new website as much as we do.  We're continuing to work with One Wheel Marketing on improving your website experience, adding helpful resources to our blog, and continuing to grow Snuggle Me to serve you.  

Product SpotlightMia Carr