Creating a Postpartum Plan

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We focus so much in our culture on the perfect baby gear or baby name that we forget the most crucial preparations of all and that is our Postpartum Plan. This is our plan for how we will thrive in the 4th trimester and beyond.

Thinking through these questions beforehand can ease the pressure postpartum, making for a smoother transition.  

So let’s change the dialog because THESE details mean so much more than the perfect baby registry.


1. Who is my support team if I need company, advice, help with housework or self-care? And oppositely, who will I need space from?

2. How will the division of baby care be with myself and my partner?

3. What is our plan if the baby blues turns to postpartum depression?

4. What do I need to be nutritionally and emotionally well postpartum?

5. What is our plan if nursing or feeding is difficult or we have questions?

6. What does a day postpartum really look like? What do I want it to be like?

7. How will I bond with my baby? What has worked for other women?

8. Will I need help caring for older children or pets? What will that schedule be?


What would you add? Did you have a postpartum plan in place before delivery?


Mia Carr

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