Gentle Discipline Series | 0-1

We are exploring the ideas of gentle discipline for a few days with our founder, Mia Carr, starting with the foundational 0-1 year period.

Gentle discipline, in my opinion, is the art of shaping your child's behavior not by punishment but by reconnection and a desire in them to want to feel right and connected. It is built on a foundation of trust, love and a feeling of security.

This relationship begins at birth and is based on the connection that is formed between baby and parents.

All other years of discipline will come back to this time and bond that is begun here.

Ideas to deepen your baby bond:
1. Bathe with baby.
2. Watch baby in detail while they nurse or take a bottle.
3. Sing and talk to baby.
4. Wear baby in a sling.
5. Skin to skin.
6. Let baby sleep in your arms.
7. Sleep with or very near your baby.

Share with us a few ways you practice gentle discipline in the comments. 

Tomorrow, we will start on 1-2 years which is where the fun begins and where I find myself with our youngest now.❤

- Mia

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