Taking Better iPhone Photos | Tips From A Pro

Visit our Instagram Feed and you'll see a lot of images taken by moms like you (with their iPhones none the less). We've all been there, wondering how that feed we stumbled upon is so aesthetically fantastic and crisp. Surely they're using pro equipment and software and uploading from their desktop. You'd be surprised to know that for most, that's not the case! Even better is that you can get yours looking that way with your iPhone and a few helpful tips. We asked photographer, Masa Hensley her top tips for documenting everyday life with a smartphone. 

What's the most important thing to keep in mind when documenting with a smartphone?

Windows, windows, windows. I always shoot with window light when shooting indoors. Different part of your home will photograph better at different times of the day. Learn to watch and see when the window light fills the room most. Natural light will make the biggest difference in your photos

What background do you prefer when documenting your kids?

White! White comforter, white pillows, white walls. You can never have too much white when photographing indoors. It helps bounce the light around and is a soft and pretty backdrop without being distracting. I will also use more neutral tones and colors mixed in from time to time to give depth. It's also important to declutter......In other words, shove all the mess to one corner and photograph in another.

What about when we're on the go?

When shooting outside or around town, I try to find an interesting backdrop. Look for buildings with painted brick, growing vines, large windows, or try to find a spot full of greenery. Stick your kid in front of any of these and snap away! Let them walk from one side to the other, run towards you, tickle them, or play freeze! All great ways to get good images without pressure (I can't stress this enough). Learn what works for them and go with it.

How do you get your little boy to cooperate well? 

I try to make it fun for my kids instead of putting the pressure on. For my toddler, I let him play and photograph him in action most of the time and for my baby girl, I try and shoot after she is fed and content. When you make it fun for them and leave the pressure off, you always get better images. Let them be themselves and capture that in action.

Where do you edit your photos before posting?

I always start my edits out in the VSCO app. Play around and see which filter is your favorite and stick with it. This will help your photos look more consistent. Then I follow up with Snapseed to adjust certain exposures and smooth out grape juice face stains. Always have your phone's brightness all the way up when editing so you don't overexpose images based on your phone's current brightness level.



Thank you for the insight, Masa! You can see Masa and her beautiful baby girl on our video page. Aren't they a lovely pair? 


Sunny Jones

This is great! I love finding articles with straight forward tips on photography and Instagram feeds.

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