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I think collectively, mothers are beginning to stray from more traditional nurseries and turn to a more practical approach to welcoming their newest bundle. My first baby had the works. The beautiful crib, coordinating colors, custom closet, I had it all. I loved that room and still have some amazing memories from it, but by baby #3 I soon realized how little baby actually requires. 
We will be featuring spaces for inspiration to maintain a minimal motherhood from shared nurseries to master bedroom spaces for baby. Don't worry, we'll be sure and share some traditional nurseries as well, but let's start with this perfectly simple space in Alabama from Laura with @humblepiebham
Laura's account is one I stumbled on through a mutual friend and knew she would be perfect for our first post. Expecting her fifth little one, space just wasn't a luxury they had and with a quick closet transformation, this baby will have the perfect cozy space. Being an earshot away from Laura it's even more convenient for late night nursing sessions and comforting a stirring baby. 
Baby's clothes are stored neatly below the crib in a zipper storage bin. Out of sight, but perfectly accessible. Pacifiers and accessories are on a shelf in baskets above keeping all of the necessities close and convenient. 
Don't ever think that you need to fill your home with bulky gear or that you need a more square feet to make room for baby. Create little spaces throughout to make caring for baby easy and enjoy having them integrated throughout.
Thank you, Laura, for the amazing glimpse into your beautiful home. You can find more of her home (and a few dozen recipes to make your mouth water) in her feed.
Excuse me while I head to the store for apple pie ingredients. Totally unrelated to the photo above...... 

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