Mothering The Mother

Mothering The Mother

When baby arrives and the whirlwind begins, celebrate and care for her as well. She's earned it.

We spent this week brainstorming with our instragram family on ways to mother the mother. It's easy to show up with gifts for baby and do the usual routine, but let's be more than that. Let's celebrate the one who brought the new life into the room and let her know she is loved and supported through the newness of it all.

1. A hot meal. And if she is ok with it, holding her sweet new babe while she eats.

2. Encouragement. "You are doing such a good job", can go a long way.

3. A shoulder to cry on. Because let's be honest, those hormones can feel all over the place.

4. Snacks for her bedside. Postpartum hunger is like no other and she may not always be able to get to the kitchen. Lactation bars or healthy grab and go items can be such a treasure when you're truly unable to stop for a meal.

5. A playdate with her older kiddos. It is relieving to have someone spend one on one time with your older kids after a new baby comes home. A lot of times we feel guilt for the time we are spending with the new baby and having someone invest into your older children can be pricelss in those first few weeks.

6. Gift a house cleaner for the day. With her approval, hire someone to come clean the house for her to take something off her plate. A clean and clutter free space can do a world of good in those moments of chaos.

7. Offer to do laundry or dishes while she showers and you watch the baby


Give her options....

It's so easy to say "How can I help?", but giving options for ways you're willing to help can guide her to be truly open with what she needs. Some new mothers love visitors while others would prefer their meal be left at the door after a long day of family visiting. We had friends mention that they needed the company and conversation, while others felt overwhelmed by the revolving door of friends and family. Reach out to her and let her decide. She will feel valued and loved and you will know that you are giving her exactly what she needs in that moment.

Slowly, you see the sacrifice she has made, and the gift she has brought and you begin to deeply and passionately love her. - Mia Carr

Imagery courtesy of Rylee Hitchner Photography and Molly Stilley Photography

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