National Breastfeeding Week | 20% Off And A Gift Just For You | CODE EXPIRED



Happy National Breastfeeding Week Mamas!

What better way to celebrate the week than with a special discount and free gift from one of our favorite lactation products? 

While supplies last, Snuggle Me products (loungers, swaddles, and extra covers) will be at a 20% discount and will include one Oat Mama tea and 2 bars with each purchase of $75 or more. These will go fast, so be sure and use code OATMAMA20 at checkout to take advantage of this one! Once theyre gone, the code will expire and be updated above.

Oat Mama bars and tea were created to support a healthy milk supply in moms to support their growing baby. The bars contain Rolled Oats, Brewer's Yeast, Fenugreek (in selected flavors) and Ground Flax without added fillers like gluten, soy, egg and dairy. 

With three tea flavors and eight choices for your bars, you're bound to find one that makes for the perfect snack to keep your supply on track. Oat Mama has a super informative FAQ page. Be sure and check them out! 



I think our founder Mia said it best, 

"To the breastfeeding mamas who have struggled to find their groove, who have cried with a hungry baby at their breast and felt defeated, who have winced in pain when baby latches, who have silently felt helpless and disappointed... You are not alone and you are not abnormal, I have been there too to know these feelings.

Sometimes it is too much to overcome and this is OK. You are not less. And sometimes success is right around the corner if it is your desire to stick with it.

Either way, you're an amazing mama, no matter how it ends up. Whether you breast or bottle feed, you are a hero." - Mia Carr

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