The Postpartum Prep Secret No One Is Telling You

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Every year for the last decade, we’ve watched new parents preparing for postpartum by searching tirelessly on Pinterest for the must-have nursery essentials. 

They find the perfect baby color palette, splurge on fancy decor and turn their baby’s nursery into a dreamy wonderland. 

We think nesting and preparing for your little one's arrival is both beautiful and essential, but everytime we see parent’s putting all their money into their baby’s room, we always want to lean over their shoulders and whisper into their ear the secret that no one is telling them…

“Almost all of your time is going to be spent OUTSIDE of the nursery.”

Because the thing is, life with a newborn is still life, and none of us live in just one room in our home. 

In fact, most of your time with your newborn baby is going to be spent in every room but the nursery. Your downtime is going to be spent between your bedroom, living room, kitchen and, you guessed it, your bathroom.

So why not prepare for postpartum by buying things that work throughout your entire home, rather than just the nursery? We think this is the biggest secret that new parents aren’t being told, so much so, that we’ve put together 4 easy steps below to help you prepare your whole home for your little one today.

Here’s 4 quick steps to take today to prepare your home for postpartum.

Step #1: ask for help

The number one registry complaint we hear from new parents is that they don’t know what to put on their registry! There’s no better place to turn to than a parent whose lifestyle you admire. Send a message to a few parents you trust, and ask them to list their top 5 baby essentials. Getting tips from a trusted source will immediately support you in feeling confident and at ease in your decision making.

Step #2: keep it simple

Minimalism is key for new parents. Focus on only buying the essentials before the baby arrives. With online shopping easier now more than ever, you can always buy last minute items with a click of a button.

Step #3: think portable and lightweight 

Aside from possibly a baby crib and dresser, if something can’t easily be moved from room-to-room, it might not be worth having at all. Buy from companies that keep a new parents experience in mind by making their products compact, lightweight and transportable.

Step #4: keep your aesthetic in mind, not your baby’s 

The baby products you buy become a part of your home, so why not purchase things that blend seamlessly into your home? Surrounding yourself with colors and things that you find beautiful will support you in feeling supported and relaxed in your space. 

When preparing for postpartum, always remember to start with what feels right for you. When parents feel safe and supported in their environment, their children do too. Trust your intuition and instincts and let them be your guide throughout this journey.




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