safety first

Snuggle Me™ keeps babies safely nestled within the center-sling™. Our patented technology, which acts like a hammock for your baby, keeps you baby safe and secure. Our unique center-sling ™ is designed so that your baby can't get enough momentum to push himself out of his Snuggle Me™.

healthy spine

Second, it creates a neutral placement of the spine. The Snuggle ™ is ideal for use in his early months when your baby does his fastest growing for a great start to a healthy spine.

firm foundation

We've purposely omitted a padded bottom which is safest for your baby. Snuggle Me™will take on the firmness of the surface it's placed upon, unlike other products that have padded bottoms. We recommend only purchasing lounging aids with an unpadded bottom so babies can be placed on a firm surface for lounging and play.