What this means for you & your baby


Tames the moro reflex

What is the Moro Reflex? The Moro Reflex (startle reflex) is a normal reflex found in all babies up until about 3-5 months of age. It triggers anytime baby feels unsupported and gives him the feeling that he is falling. The reflex makes babies tighten up and clench their fists in an attempt to grab hold of their mama. This can cause babies to experience unnecessary stress. The only way to tame this reflex is to fully surround and support their body so they feel secure. Snuggle Me™ is the one and only sensory lounger truly designed to support and tame this reflex. 


Recreates the womb™

Babies spend 9 months tucked securely inside their mother's womb. When they are born, all the wide open space can feel uncomfortable. Holding, swaddling, and hugging baby gives him the security he needs to stay settled.  Snuggle Me™ is the only sensory lounger available to recreate these secure feelings for baby, making it the most effective at helping your baby stay settled when not in your arms. 



naturally secures baby

Keeping your baby safely positioned on his back is essential. The Snuggle Me™ is designed to fit baby's head and torso with his legs draped over the bottom end. This contoured design makes it very difficult for baby to roll, turn, or scoot out of the lounger. 


I don't usually write reviews ... but I will for this product. My son had acid reflux and we weren't getting any rest. He needed to be propped up on my arm. I read some other reviews on here and almost bought the dock a tot, but decided to give the Snuggle Me™ a chance and the return policy was good. It was a life saver for me!

Miranda L