choosing your baby sensory lounger


What to look for in a good sensory lounger

Snuggle Me™ has been making sensory baby loungers for 10 years, discovering what makes a good product for you and your baby. Our experience has taught us what is important for safety, comfort and practicality. We recommend looking for 6 important features when choosing your own sensory lounger. 



6 must-haves for your sensory lounger


closed bottom

Baby positioners with open bottoms were recalled by the US consumer safety commission just a few years ago.  Babies were wiggling down and rolling into the sides causing a safety hazard. We recommend avoiding all products that have an open bottom especially if the opened bottomed lounger (pod or dock) does not keep baby safely in place with a necessary safety strap. Instead, look for a closed bottom which prevents this issue. At Snuggle Me™, our thoughtful design provides a sensory experience that gives you peace of mind when it comes to your baby.



We recommend giving your baby a consistent sensory environment throughout the day and night by using your Snuggle Me™ whenever you lay baby down for play and rest time. Consistent use throughout the day will keep your baby happy and content. We recommend ensuring your sensory lounger is portable as some products are difficult to get around the house. You'll want a product you can move easily from room to room and we're confident that you will discover that Snuggle Me is the better option.


quality materials

Your infant will spend the majority of his/her time lounging which is why the quality of materials will matter to you and your family. We've learned of recent UK studies that have suggested a link between SIDS and the toxic chemicals found in crib mattresses.  Additional studies have shown that babies exposed to flame retardants can  lower a baby's IQ by up to 4 points.  For these reasons, Snuggle Me™ uses ONLY pure materialsfree of all added chemicals, toxins and flame retardants


easy to use

We recommend avoiding sensory lounging aids that have too high of sides, or are clumsy to work with. Invest in a sensory lounger that you can easily take baby in and out of.  

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Make sure your sensory lounger is comfortable. Avoid products with hard edges, plastics or that are too wide for your bed or other lounging surfaces. The lounger could end up tossed to the side in the middle of the night and not used again.  




back lounging

Back placement is the safest position for your baby and is an important consideration when choosing a sensory lounger system. If your baby can roll over within the product, it is not safe to use. Beware of products that are enclosed, but have gaps around baby, allowing them to freely roll over. Each Snuggle Me™ product is designed and patented to keep your baby safe on his back.