Functions and uses faqs

How do I care for my Snuggle Me™?

This is a great question. The answer depends on which Snuggle Me™ you have. For the Snuggle Me Organic™ simply remove the cover and put both in your home washer on gentle cycle. Then, dry both on low heat, lightly fluffing manually when removed from the dryer. For the Snuggle Me Wool™, because of the organic, natural state of the filling, you will want to hand spot clean the Snuggle Me™ itself, or if it requires a deep clean, bring to a professional wet-cleaner. The cover for the Snuggle Me Wool™ can be hand washed and line dried. You will receive a set of care instructions with your Snuggle Me™ sensory lounger. 

Do babies prefer one version over the other?

Our customers have not reported a difference in our Snuggle Me™ systems. The organic cotton filled loungers are a bit firmer, which could mean they are less "comfy" for baby, but that has yet to be proven as our customers have not reported and challenges the firmness. Our Compare Snuggle Me™ guide is a handy way to quickly see how each version compares.

what are the other uses of the snuggle me™?

Alright, let's do it....


Help your baby feel content and secure in this great big world! A little extra cuddling is great and it might even give mom a couple of extra free minutes.


The Snuggle Me™ offers just the right amount of propping for baby's head and shoulders to keep them comfortable and able to keep an eye on mom and to watch what's going on in the room.

Tummy Time

Because of the snuggling effect of the Snuggle Me™, infants feel secure and are more open to tummy time practice. Snuggle Me™ also keeps baby’s back properly positioned for healthy back posture.

Acid Reflux

Babies with acid reflux are more comfortable when their heads are elevated. When baby’s head is pulled up onto the end of the Snuggle Me™, it will provide gentle elevation. The Snuggle Me™ is also flexible so it can be manipulated into positions that work best for each baby.

Changing Station

The Snuggle Me™ is great for keeping baby on the couch for the daily diaper and outfit changes.


The Snuggle Me™ is the perfect shape for infant photography! It not only looks great on camera, but helps an infant stay calm and warm during a photo session!

Sponge Baths (or as a bath-time helper)

Babies do not like to be exposed! Because of the “Moro” (startle) reflex in small infants, being unbundled can be scary and somewhat stressful on both baby and parent. Use the Snuggle Me™ to keep baby feeling confined during those first few sponge baths or for those in between bath wipe downs. Use the Snuggle Me™ before and after bath time! It’s the perfect place to lay baby while getting them undressed or for drying them off afterwards.

Day Care

If you are a daycare provider, the Snuggle Me™ can help you manage multiple infants in the classroom!  If you are a parent, you can bring your baby’s Snuggle Me™ for easier transitions between day care and home. It is easier for an infant to be away from mom and dad if they have something familiar with them that also smells like home!


Babies are more content in new surroundings when they have a piece of home with them! Bring your Snuggle Me™ to grandma's house, on vacations, or to baby's daycare for easier transitions!


Give baby their own space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while keeping them out of the dirt and bugs. Take the Snuggle Me™ outside when playing with older children, gardening, or going to the beach.

Infant Massage

  • The benefits of infant massage are amazing! The Snuggle Me™ aids parents or instructors during an infant massage session. The Snuggle Me™will:   
    • keep baby warm and off of hard floors
    • induce feelings of comfort and security allowing an infant to be more open to infant massage
    • provides a barrier between environmental stimulation that can distract an infant
    • keep an infant comfortably and securely positioned for each massage stroke


Having multiples is challenging!  This is the inspiration behind Snuggle Me™. The Snuggle Me™ can lend parents a helping hand in the day-to-day care of multiples. Because of its' snuggling effect, an infant will get the security they need while a parent is caring for other infants. This is beneficial to both parents and their babies!

How do I transition my baby out of Snuggle Me™?

As with all transitions, lounging without Snuggle Me™ may take a little time. You can wait for your baby to transition naturally or choose an age you would like to see them resting and lounging on their own and work towards that date. Every baby is different, some handle transitions better than others. Mia has used Snuggle Me™ with 4 of her 7 children and is always happy to offer her thoughts on what worked for her. Please feel free to contact Mia if you have any questions.

When will my baby grow out of the Snuggle Me™? 

Not fitting in the Snuggle Me™ and not liking the confined feeling are two different things.

Baby will be able to fit in the Snuggle Me™ well past 6 months. As baby grows, they will begin to use the Snuggle Me™ differently. Their legs will gently drape over the bottom edge and their heads will rest on the opposite edge. This is an intentional design choice. We've found that as babies grow supporting their spine in a neutral position is the healthiest option. 

Snuggle Me™ continues to keep baby in the safer on-his-back position and ensures baby won't be able to roll out of the lounger until they are strong crawlers. Once baby starts to crawl, they are likely ready to transition out of the need for close confinement. You can see this more clearly on our fitting and positioning page.

When baby seeks out less confinement, they are ready to have more space and more room to stretch. This is a completely different situation than fit. This is baby's personal preference changing from a need for confinement to a need for space and it is a natural transition as they grow older. Some babies start wanting their space at 3 or 4 months, while others continue to love the confinement feeling at 12 months.  

What works best for your baby depends on them. Our best advice is to watch for baby's cues and listen to your intuition, being mindful to how baby acts and when they get squirmy. If you notice these signs then it might be time to transition to more space, either without the use of an aid.)

I have a big baby, how much use will he get out of it?

Snuggle Me™ is a 0-6 month product.  Your use will depend on how old your baby is when they start using it.  If you have a newborn who was large at birth, you will still get a long run out of your Snuggle Me™.  If they continue to be above average, you might expect them to stop using it at 4 or 5 months instead of 6, but it's hard to predict and dependent on baby's preferences.  We hesitate to generalize and say that big birth weight babies use them for a shorter time, because we haven't found that to be true.  It depends more on temperament than size. Take a look at our Fitting and Positioning Guide and then give it a try! If you find you have questions please contact us. We're always here for you.

Will this help reduce flat spots from developing on my baby's head?

It can, but it will depend on what other products you are using besides the Snuggle Me™. The Snuggle Me™ cradles baby’s head on a gentle surface, allowing their head to stay in its natural shape. If you only use the Snuggle Me™ when you lay your baby down, flat spots will most likely not develop!   If you are concerned about flat spots, avoid products that have hard plastic backings, even if they are covered with a soft fabric. Also, make sure baby gets plenty of time off their back.

I have a question not covered here, what should I do?

We are always wanting to improve our FAQs to help make it easier for parents to make an informed decision about whether or not our products are right for them.  We invite you to email us, private message us on Facebook, or text us your question and we can add it on to our FAQ page!