Fitting & positioning guide

Newborn babies will fit perfectly into our Snuggle Me center-sling™. As your baby grows and rolls over, you will discover that your baby's legs begin to drape over the bottom end. Rest assured that our center-sling™ design will keep your little one from rolling over even as he grows. 

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0-1 months old

Your newborn will fit completely inside our center-sling™. It soothes the Moro(startle) reflex by gently hugging baby's body and creates a safe and secure environment to ease his transition to the fourth trimester. It recreates the womb™. 


2-3 months old

As your baby grows, he'll begin to rest his legs on the bottom end while still being hugged by the center-sling™. Snuggle Me™'s unique design helps your baby keep a healthy neutral spine during the fast growth experienced at this age.  

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4-6 months old

At this age, your baby's bottom will rest at the end of the Snuggle Me™ and his legs will drape over the bottom end. This age is a common time for your little one to seek space when playing and resting. 


positioning guide



When lounging, lay baby all the way into the center-sling™ to provide him with a flat surface and to ensure he stays safely positioned. Snuggle Me™ purposefully excludes any base padding because a firm surface is a vital safety feature. Always look for baby sensory aids that have an unpadded bottom.



When your baby is awake and ready to play, prop your little one on the top end of the Snuggle Me™, allowing him to observe and interact with his surroundings. The lounge position is perfect when you need an extra set of hands, when brother or sister would like to play with baby and you need a well defined space for them, or when baby just wants to hang out a little more independently to watch what is going on in his world.


tummy time

Babies even a few weeks old can use the Snuggle Me™ for tummy time.  Snuggle Me™ provides a gentle angle for the back and all-around body support. Even babies who resist tummy time on flat surfaces tend to use the Snuggle Me™ for longer periods because of the gentle angle and the support it provides. 


When your baby outgrows snuggle me™

When your baby's bottom begins to come up to the end of the Snuggle Me™, he has grown out of the Snuggle Me™ and is ready to transition onto a flat surface. It is important to allow him to make this transition naturally and at his own pace. Your baby will make this transition whenever he is ready - there is no set weight or age. Some babies may be 2 months old and begin to want more space while lounging, some may be 8 months and some may be older. It's always best to follow your baby's cues and trust your instincts. You and your baby know best.


transitioning your baby

This happens to occur around the time that baby is beginning to seek more "space" (around the 5-6 month mark) and can actually be the perfect time for baby to transition onto a flat surface (which is the ultimate goal). During this time, it may be necessary to go back and forth between the Snuggle Me™ and a flat surface for a few days or weeks while the baby adjusts. 

For more information about fitting and position refer to our FAQ page.