baby sensory lounger

is sensory lounging right for you? 

“Since bringing home our daughter (now age 12 weeks) we've used the Snuggle Me™ daily. She is right next to me which means I hear her as soon as she stirs and is hungry. This means less crying and she settles back in quickly right next to mom after nursing. I am so happy I tried this amazing product. I’m taking it with me on vacation this week and look forward to restful days AND nights!”

Marcia C

Choosing the best sensory environment for your baby is important. Sensory lounging is the safest way for play and lounging. When you choose to use the Snuggle Me™ with your new baby, you are among a growing number of parents who are going back to the way things used to be. 

choosing a sensory lounger

Choosing a baby sensory lounger is an important decision for your family. You will want a lounger that is made with quality materials, is safe for your baby and works best for your family. 

The Snuggle Me™ has become an essential component for many families, especially those who are first time parents.  Each Snuggle Me™ gives baby their own separate lounging space, easing the worry about your baby's safety.