Materials and Shipping FAQ

Where do your materials come from?

All the fabrics used for the Snuggle Me™ are from the USA. 

Is it GOTS certified?  CSPIA certified?  

We have a full page dedicated to our certifications.  You can read all about each component on our Organic Certification page.

What is GOTS?


Who makes your products?

In the beginning, we hand made all of our Snuggle Me™ systems, from the sewing to stuffing. Over the years, we've been able to outsource most of the work, with all components made here in Minnesota by trusted local businesses. Snuggle Me@ products are sewn in Duluth, MN.  They are filled by a company in Cokato, MN, and we hand fill all of our Snuggle Me™ Wool loungers ourselves. By purchasing Snuggle Me™, you are supporting ALL of these local Minnesota businesses. Thank you!

Where does the polyester fiber fill come from?

It is made in the USA and is considered a pure, virgin fiber which means it has nothing added to it and is free of ethylene glycol and flame retardants.

What are the pros and cons of going with the virgin lamb's wool instead of the polyester fill?

The organic wool is a much different texture than the polyester fiber fill.  The wool is slightly firmer, not washable but does hold its shape as well as the polyester filled loungers. If you are concerned about off-gas and are set on having an all organic sleep environment for your baby, go with the organic wool. You cannot get a safer, toxic free product than the 100% organic wool filled Snuggle Me™. If washing is a concern, we do have waterproof pads available. Please refer to our Compare Page for more specific information and to compare all of the Snuggle Me™ choices.

Do you add any flame retardants to your products?  

None of our products have flame retardants added to them. There are also no alternatives to traditional flame retardants. The best choice if you do not want flame retardants in your products are to choose pure, non-toxic fabrics and fills. We think it's important to avoid these in keeping with the organic nature of the product.

How much is shipping?

Within the continental United States; UPS ground is always FREE for our Organic and WOOL Snuggle Me lounger or upgrade to 3-day select for $19.99. Find worldwide shipping costs on our product check out page.

How long does it take to ship?

We understand how important it is for you to get your Snuggle Me™ ASAP, that's why it's our goal is have your order on its way within 48 hours of receiving the request. On the very rare occasion it takes longer than 48 hours, we will contact you about the delay immediately. Once your Snuggle Me™ has shipped, you will receive a UPS tracking number via email.

It's been 3 days and I haven't gotten my UPS tracking link!  Has it shipped?

When we print shipping labels, an email will automatically be sent to you with your tracking link.  HOWEVER, if you have not gotten your tracking link within 3 days, please email us and we will personally send it to you.

Once shipped, how long will it take to get my Snuggle Me™? 

We ship all Snuggle Me™ products through UPS.  If you selected UPS Ground, it will take up to 4 business days.  If you have paid for 3-Day Select, it will take 3 business days. All organic Snuggle Me™ ship free with UPS Ground. Shipping times start accruing AFTER your Snuggle Me™ order has been posted. If there are any questions on this, please send us an email before ordering so we can let you know, given your specific address and circumstances, when you can realistically expect to receive your Snuggle Me™.

How do I return the Snuggle Me™?

Love It Guarantee. 

Snuggle Me™is the best functioning and highest quality baby lounger on the market. We are confident that you & baby will love it. 

Our LOVE IT guarantee gives you 30 days from purchase date to try Snuggle Me™with your little one. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply send it back for a full refund. No questions asked. It's that easy. 

You can send your Snuggle Me™ back within 30 days of purchase to: Simply Mommy LLC, 24260 Greenway Rd, Suite E, Forest Lake, MN 55025. We will refund your credit card within 72 hours of receiving your package back in our warehouse.


If you return your item after the 30 day period, you will still qualify for a 50% refund.  If you return after 60 days, no refund will be granted, but we will dispose of the items for you as a courtesy. 

Do you sell Snuggle Me™ in stores?

We have a growing number of retailers selling different versions of the Snuggle Me™ across the country and internationally. Feel free to use our handy Store Locator tool to find a store near you.

How do we determine price points for the Snuggle Me™?

Our team carefully and meticulously evaluates the appropriate cost to associate with each version of Snuggle Me™. A few of the factors we take into consideration are quality materials, USA sourced fabrics and production teams, and providing living wage for our team and contracted vendors. We also keep a keen eye to what our competitors are offering to ensure you get the healthiest choice for your baby at the lowest price for your pocket book. 

With these parameters in mind, we've chosen to use only the highest quality materials for our products that are sourced only from the United States. We do not send work overseas, nor do we use materials from outside the United States. Instead we believe in reaching out to local businesses to help us, and we pride ourselves on completing parts of the production ourselves.

We have a proud tradition at Simply Mommy™ of providing a living wage for everyone on our team, and we also believe in fair compensation for the important work all of our partners do in creating your Snuggle Me™.  We believe in giving you the highest quality products for your baby, you are our top priority. By requiring only the best of the best we can make this promise to you.  

When searching for a top quality baby product at a fair price, SNUGGLE ME™ is it.  I have yet to find any other loungers that have the level of quality or service that we offer.