Supportive & understanding

We strive to empathize with families and their wish to have a safe, secure and separate lounging space for their babies. We extend compassion, kindness & gentleness to new families in their search for solutions that fits their unique needs and desires.


Encourage & Empower

It is our goal to present every family the information they need to make informed decisions for their family via the most current scientific information. We focus on the best practices for families and infants, as well as share information and resources from respected professionals in the field of safety and responsive parenting.


respectful of family choices

It is our responsibility to honor and respect all parents because we understand that they know what is best for their babies.


safe for babies and the environment

We believe that creating safe, healthy products for babies and the environment facilitates a healthy planet, as well as healthy, happy babies, and in doing so, will create a sustainable future for all life on Earth.


a spirit of service

Our promise is to treat each and every customer with the highest respect and honor from their very first interaction with Snuggle Me™.  We go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer care because we believe new parents deserve to be honored and respected during this very special time in their lives.