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Hannah Kennaley
Customer Care Team Member

I'm Hannah, mama to a little boy Hendrix who is 16 months old! My husband is a helicopter pilot in the Army and we live in North Carolina, and are stationed at Fort Bragg. From homemade cashew milk to made from scratch Snickerdoodle cookies I LOVE finding new recipes I can experiment with and offer to my family! While they may not all work out, I have so much fun taking the time to try something new!

I’ve been in the Snuggle Me Mamas Facebook Group for about a year now! I love how supportive this group is and I love seeing all of the most loved essentials!

My favorite Snuggle Me products are our Slate Toddler Lounger and Pebble Linen Cover, followed by a close second a Blue Spruce Swaddle we use as a nap blanket.

Yukie McGregor
Head of Customer Care

Hey mamas! I'm Yukie from Dallas TX. I have a 4 year old daughter and 5.5 month old son. I'm your internet crunchy friend who's obsessed with birth, pregnancy, and gardening! I love to support others in getting their needs met in motherhood.

My favorite product is the feeding pillow because it's so versatile. When I'm not using it to nurse, it's in my desk chair for work or someone in the house is using it as a pillow!

Sarah Zinn
Customer Care Team Member

Hi, I'm Sarah from Minnesota (though I've also lived in California, Texas and Florida).  I have a 3 year old son and 15 month old daughter.  

I'm super passionate about being creative!  I love to sew, paint, cross stitch, embroider, craft with my Cricut, redesign furniture, create quiet book pages, scrapbook, make books for my kids, and even whip up some super fancy cakes.  Unleashing my creativity helps me regroup and relax so I can be the best version of myself.

My favorite SMO product is the Toddler Lounger.  My son loves to drag it all over the house to lounge in, we love to bring them when we travel to the Grandparent's houses so they have their own space, and most recently, it helps me keep my daughter content during diaper changes!  I also couldn't live without the swaddles, we have one in just about every color, as I use them to swaddle my daughter for every nap and bedtime under her sleep sack to keep her nice and cozy without overheating!

Sierra Eugene 
Facebook Moderator 

Hey there, my name is Sierra Eugene. Army wife to my husband James and a mama to 4 kiddos. Levi (5) Tate (4) Lola (2) & Cade (6 months)

We are currently stationed in Grand Island, NY, minutes away from the Canadian border.

We are in love with Snuggle-me Organic and there is not one product we do not own.

Our most used is the lounger.

I’m super passionate about standing up for other mammas and making women aware of how mom shaming is just NOT OK.

I’m so happy to be a part of the Snuggle Me community ❤

Jennifer Zabolotskiy
Facebook Moderator
Hi, I’m Jennifer! I’m a 21 year old mom to kids. Esraeli who is 3 years old and Zacai who is 10 months. They are seriously the light of my world. My husband is Steph, and we have been married for 4 years. He’s an amazing guy who brings out the best of me. We live in Vancouver, Washington and I’m a stay at home mom. I truly love it! I spend my days chasing after my kids, playing piano, hanging out with friends, and cooking. I love to cook dinners, even though it takes a while with two kids. Something I’m truly passionate about is decluttering and organizing. I feel like every single day I’m decluttering an area, and it truly feels amazing to do so. It simplifies things, minimizes, and I just feel like I can breath when things are organized. I found Snuggle Me Organic just before my son was born and what a lifesaver it has been!  We’ve been using it for supervised naps and for slow morning lounging. We have both the infant and toddler sized loungers, we put them on our bed in the morning, and the kids have a slow morning waking up. I’m thankful for all the connections I have made being part of such an amazing community! ❤

Cassy Karp
Facebook Moderator

Hi, I’m Cassy! I’m currently a stay at home mom living in central Arkansas with my husband and our three children. The kids are 4.5yo, 3yo, and 9.5 months old.

I used the infant lounger for my second and third babies. They LOVED IT and it was a total lifesaver. I’m eyeing a toddler lounger for my baby boy! I love the Snuggle Me swaddles as well! They are so great for swaddling, nursing, and car seat covers.

My passions include music, children’s literature, and jewelry making. I also advocate for parents and guardians who experience pregnancy, infant, or child loss.


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