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 Celebrity Reviews


Emilie De Ravin

"I have been so happy to have such a comfortable infant sleeper for my baby. It cradles her in such a supported yet not restricted way which seems to really comfort her and make her feel safe, especially in the early days, when being out of the womb is a brand new experience.

As much as I love holding and cuddling my daughter (and never want to put her down!), my Snuggle Me has made me, and her, feel much more at ease with time that's not on Mum! And it being made of 100% natural and breathable materials is a must for me. The wool cover is so incredibly soft it must feel like laying on a cloud! I'm quite jealous!"


Expert Reviews


 Meet Elizabeth Decker, DC

Dr. Decker has experience working with patients with injuries or for wellness care. One of Dr. Decker's specialties is working with pregnant women. She co-treats with many midwives and obstetricians in the Boulder area. She also does home visits for new moms. 

  “I love the Snuggle Me! I use it in my pediatric chiropractic clinic in two ways. First, if I am treating Mom, I have her newborn rest on the Snuggle Me while she gets her adjustment. Babies love to be in a comfy nest and often will be content while Mom gets the attention she needs. This also keeps Mom from lugging in the car seat which is way too heavy and bulky. 

Secondly, I use the Snuggle Me when I am treating newborns. I see many pediatric patients in my practice and one of the most important things to do while I'm doing my exam and treatment is to keep the baby calm and comfortable. This cushion is perfect for that. 

I also recommend the Snuggle Me to my clients for use in between treatments. The cushion helps to keep babies backs in the neutral position which is best for growth and good back posture.” 


Meet Heidi McLoughlin, CIMI

Heidi McLoughlin is the President and Head Trainer of IMIS Australia. She has been in business for over 12 years with IMIS Australia and has been a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) for the past 15 years. 

"As an infant massage facilitator, I value any additional aid that can help make our baby massage classes run smoothly. The Snuggle Me provides an infant with a boundary that helps them feel more settled during massage time. Infants can feel a little “lost” when they are simply laid down for massage time with infinite space to move around. Having the boundary of the Snuggle Me helps them stay settled and allows them to lie longer for massage time." 

"Because massage can provide so many benefits to parent and child, it is best if massage be carried out daily and the Snuggle Me increases the chances for this. Using the Snuggle Me can lengthen the massage which is beneficial to both infant and parent." 

"Ultimately, the Snuggle Me can ensure that a baby feels safe with secure boundaries, which helps to ensure that massage can take place and continue for the longest amount of time possible. I highly recommend using the Snuggle Me Cushion both in class and at home for infant massage!" 


Meet Stephanie Moore, RN, BSN, ICBLC

Stephanie is an experienced OB nurse, parent educator and is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Her professional experience includes 25 years of nursing that includes Labor and Delivery and high risk, obstetrical home-care. Stephanie has extensive personal experience with breastfeeding mothers and their newborns, infants and toddlers.

  "I was first introduced to the Snuggle Me at the 2008 Oh, Baby! event in Denver. I was extremely impressed by the number of Snuggle Me being purchased by expectant parents. When I introduced myself to the designers on the Snuggle Me, I was impressed by their child development expertise, the uncompromising value they put on product integrity and their commitment to family wellness." 

"Since then I have had the pleasure of using the Snuggle Me with newborns and very young infants while consulting with their mothers on breastfeeding. When placed on the cushion, their babies have been calm, actively alert and comfortable. It was apparent the babies instantly felt safe and comforted. This was a welcome delight for the moms. One mom said she was experiencing difficulty making the transition to parenting 2 young children that were only 13 months apart in age. She said the Snuggle Me Cushion gave her a place to safely and comfortably put her newborn while she attended to the urgent needs of her older child."   

"The Snuggle Me is one of the best new products we have discovered. Becoming Mothers unconditionally endorses the Snuggle Me. It has become one of the items we recommend to expectant new parents as a "mama (family) must-have." 


Meet Dr. Roy Steinbock, MD

 Dr. Roy is a board certified Pediatrician and has been practicing Pediatrics since 1999.  Since his residency Dr. Roy has worked as a Pediatric inpatient doctor in a newborn nursery and neonatal intensive care unit, and in several Pediatric emergency rooms. Most recently, he has worked in primary care at Partners in Pediatrics, a holistic general Pediatric group in Denver. You can visit Dr. Roy at his pediatric clinic, Mindful Pediatrics, in Boulder, CO.

"The Snuggle Me is a great product for infants for several reasons. The Snuggle Me provides physical support that seems to tame the startle reflex in infants. Because babies spend 9 months tightly held inside their mother,  having a place for them to lay that simulates this “comforting” environment seems to reduce the stress on an infant."   



Meet Kate Kripke, MSW

Kate Kripke is a social worker with a private practice in Boulder, CO. She has over 12 years experience working with children, adolescents, individuals, families, and groups as an educator.  She is an Outward Bound instructor, wellness consultant and psychotherapist. In her practice, Kate specializes in the postpartum adjustment and wellness in motherhood. 

"In my psychotherapy and counseling practice, I work with new mothers around the prevention and treatment of postpartum depression. I have found the Snuggle Me Cushion to be a gift to mothers who are needing a trusting and comfortable way to allow for the time and space for self care. 

When a baby is comfortable and happy, it is easier for a new mom to allow herself (and arms) a break, and many women have relied on the cushion when they need to free their arms for other tasks.