Choosing an Infant Lounger


How Do I Know Which Infant Lounger Is Best For My Baby?
Each lounger is USA Made and Hypoallergenic. Cover materials and fill vary among each lounger. View our Comparison Chart for all of the details:

Do you offer a larger size?
Yes we do! We now carry our Toddler size, great for babies who meet our Toddler transitioning guidelines. 
1. Baby is at least 9 months old and beginning to crawl
2. Baby measures 21" from the top of their head to the base of their bum


The Snuggle Me is a sensory lounger designed for lounging, tummy time, sponge baths or as a changing station. It is not intended to be used as, or in a crib, bassinet or sleep device. Never leave baby unattended while in the Snuggle Me. Never carry baby while in the Snuggle Me. Never place the Snuggle Me on high surfaces. Do not place on soft or uneven surfaces. 

Safety & Use



Can the Snuggle Me be used for sleep?

The AAP, CPSC and Health Canada have all come out and recommend padded loungers not be used for any unsupervised uses, including co-sleeping.  We put safety above all else and have changed our recommendations accordingly. We no longer recommend the Snuggle Me for co-sleeping and have never recommended it for cribs or separate room sleep. The Snuggle Me is meant for supervised uses only and should never be placed inside a crib or bassinet.  It is very important to always be in the same room as your baby while using the Snuggle Me.

Can I place the Snuggle Me in a Moses basket during the day?

You can place the Snuggle Me inside a daytime Moses basket for lounging SUPERVISED.  Moses baskets serve a different purpose from a crib/bassinet.  When using a Moses basket, you are keeping your baby contained and close. The Snuggle Me should not be used in a Moses basket unsupervised. The dimensions of the basket MUST be 29 x 17 inches exactly for our infant loungers.  Never place inside a daytime basket that squeezes the sides of the lounger because it prevents the lounger from working properly.  

Does the Snuggle Me use breathable materials?

Almost all cotton fabrics are breathable/air permeable to some extent.  The looser the knitting of that fabric, the more air will penetrate.  Our Snuggle Me covers are made with organic cotton interlock which is a very loose knit fabric, so is extremely air permeable.

What are the uses for the Snuggle Me?

There are endless uses for the Snuggle Me!  Many minimalistic parents are choose to replace the long list of baby gear with the multifunctional and sophisticated Snuggle Me lounger.  Use it as a:

  • Lounger
  • Play mat
  • Tummy time pad
  • Changing station
  • Infant massage
  • Travel mat
  • Sponge baths

How long can baby use the Snuggle Me?

Babies will fit into the lounger until their bums come up onto the end of the lounger when laying all the way down in the lounger. This usually happens around the 6-9 month mark.  After this, babies can still use it while propped up onto the end until a few years of age.  If using propped, please only use on the floor as baby will easily be able to kick or crawl out. Once baby outgrows their Infant Snuggle Me around 9 months of age, they can be safely transitioned to the Toddler size. 

What about flat head?

It can, but it will depend on what other products you are using besides the Snuggle Me™. The Snuggle Me™ cradles baby’s head on a gentle surface, allowing their head to stay in its natural shape. If you only use the Snuggle Me™ when you lay your baby down, flat spots will most likely not develop!   If you are concerned about flat spots, avoid products that have hard plastic backings, even if they are covered with a soft fabric. Also, make sure baby gets plenty of time off their back.

What about healthy hip development?

The Snuggle Me cradles baby’s back and helps elevate their legs, which is the preferred position for healthy hip development in newborns.  Allow baby’s legs to pull up as they did when they were in the womb.

Care & Use


How do I wash the Snuggle Me Original or Organic?

Wash the Snuggle Me Organic or Original and covers in cold water on hand wash/gentle cycle with organic/dye free detergents. Top loaders with agitators should be disabled during wash and only used for hand wash cycles. For best results, start by air drying your lounger on a flat surface, then tumble dry on low heat in the dryer once cover is damp. Covers can also be dried in the dryer immediately on very low heat.  Adding heat to any our covers will shrink them.  To salvage a shrunk cover, you can try washing and then stretching while wet and then air dry.  If this does not fix the issue, you will need to purchase a replacement.

How do I care for my Snuggle Me Wool?

The Snuggle Me Wool needs to be dry cleaned or spot cleaned only.  Do not wash in a machine or it will shrink the wool fibers.  Use one of our puddle pads for lounger protection. Keep your Snuggle Me Wool lounger dry.  Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and flame resistant. It is also a natural fiber that comes from a variety of different farms and breeds of sheep.  The Snuggle Me Wool smells like wool and can vary from batch to batch.  This is normal and expected. 

How do I store the Snuggle Me?

All Snuggle Me’s now come with a storage/travel zipper bag.  Store your lounger in the case or if traveling.  Ensure that it is kept in a cool DRY place to prevent damage or mold.



    What are the materials you use to make each Snuggle Me?

    We use both GOTS certified organic cottons and conventional cottons (for the Snuggle Me Original).  The fill for each lounger is going to either be a virgin polyester fiber fill, which means there are no additives or flame retardants and it is a pure fiber, or it is an organic virgin lamb’s wool fill.  The fill for the Original and the Organic are the same, the fill for the Wool is the lamb’s wool.

    Where do you make the Snuggle Me?

    The Snuggle Me is a 100% USA-made product.  All of our fabrics are custom made in Pennsylvania, USA with threads that were even grown in the USA! The fabrics are then shipped up to Duluth, MN where they are sewn and inspected.  The sewn pieces are then shipped to one of 2 lounger fillers, one in Minnesota, one in Wisconsin.  They then send us weekly shipments of filled loungers to our Forest Lake, MN warehouse.  All of our wool loungers are hand-filled in our shop. We pride ourselves in creating a fully USA and locally made product for your family.  This is one of our highest values and we hope you can see the care and quality throughout.

    What organic certifications do they hold? 

    All of our organic fabrics are 3rd party tested and hold the GOTS certificate, which can only be held by fabrics meeting the highest standards for organic textiles. Here is a fact sheet on the GOTS organic certificate Since they are made in the USA, they are also regulated by the CPSIA which currently holds the highest textile safety standards in the world. 

    Do you use any flame retardants?

    None of our products have flame retardants added to them. There are also no alternatives to traditional flame retardants. The best choice if you do not want flame retardants in your products are to choose pure, non-toxic fabrics and fills. We think it's important to avoid these in keeping with the organic nature of the product as flame retardants have been shown to causes harm to children.

    Is the wool ethically sourced?

    Yes, the organic virgin lamb’s wool we use for our loungers comes from small USA farmers.  They are all shorne humanely.  The wool is then only gently washed with a mild detergent.  No chemicals or additives are used on our wool.

    How do I know which fill to choose?

    If you want to give your baby a 100% organic, natural fiber lounger and understand what it takes to care for wool, we recommend the Snuggle Me Wool.  If you prefer to have a washable lounger but are still wanting to provide organic fabrics for your baby, we recommend the Snuggle Me Organic.  This is our best-selling lounger and is the perfect blend between organic and practical.  The Snuggle Me Original is our non-organic version and uses conventional cottons.  It is a great option for those on a budget.

    Shipping & Returns



    How much is shipping and how long does it take?

    Your Snuggle Me will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase.  Once your order is shipped, a tracking link will automatically be sent to you via email.  If for some reason you do not receive one, please send us an email and we will personally resend it to you.

    We ship all orders $99 and up for free within the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. All shipping costs are calculated by package weight and may vary. This includes Alaska and Hawaii. We recently decreased shipping for everyone by $5.00 and are working hard to make shipping the lowest possible cost to our customers. 


    International orders are all weight based rates and may vary, depending on location. All international orders will take 6-10 business days for delivery.

    International Shipments may be subject to duties/customs fees.

    What is your return policy?

    Snuggle Me™is the best functioning and highest quality baby lounger on the market. We are confident that you & baby will love it. 

    Our LOVE IT guarantee gives you 30 days from purchase from our website to try Snuggle Me™with your little one. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply send it back for a full refund. No questions asked. It's that easy. Please note that our LOVE IT guarantee ONLY applied to items purchased through our website. We are not able to refunds, offer exchanges or replacements for items purchased on other platforms.

    You can send your Snuggle Me back within 30 days of the purchase date along WITH THE ORIGINAL PACKING SLIP.  We will refund your credit card within 72 hours of receiving your package back in our warehouse :

    Simply Mommy LLC
    24260 Greenway Rd
    Suite E
    Forest Lake, MN 55025




    Any other questions?  Please send us an email and we'll be happy to help! 


    Hi, I'm Mia, mama of 7 and Founder of Snuggle Me. The Snuggle Me brand was founded in 2007 after I had twin boys. I struggled to meet the needs of both babies who never seemed to be content anywhere but in my arms. I confided in my mother-in-law and together, we designed and patented a lounger that would hug baby. This much needed support item could be easily toted around the house and was incredibly effective at calming baby. We called it a sensory lounger because of how it created a physical sensation for baby and was more than just another place to lay baby down, it snuggled them.

    We got to work and sewed 12 Snuggle Me loungers at our kitchen table and brought them down to our local craft fair. There, we sold all 12 and left knowing our idea would be big.

    As we began to grow, my passion for organic, local products also grew. I was itching to create one with all organic fabrics made by our local Minnesota sewers. I believed there were not enough high quality, sophisticated baby products available. I made it my personal mission to keep these values over the years and we hope you can see that commitment in each piece we create.

    12 years after those first days as a new mama of twins, I am surrounded by the best team I could possibly imagine and we are on a mission to not just offer the highest quality, best functioning baby products, but to also create a community for parents. We hope you see and feel how much we care for each and every family we serve. Thank you for being apart of our journey!

    Meet Our Team

    Lynne Jeffers
    Customer Service Director. Lynne is the most important and supportive person in my life. She is my very own mama. She faithfully walked away from her Pastoral job 2 years ago to help me manage our very first warehouse. She has done ALL the jobs, but has now settled into the full time customer support role. There is no one who loves on our customers better than my mama.

    Tom Jeffers
    Director of Operations. Tom is my mama's other half and my step-father. He stepped away from his job as a head supervision at a medical company to take over all of our daily operation. The biggest sigh of relief was heard the day he walked in that first day.

    Andy Carr
    Chief Financial Officer. Andy is my other half, my dear hubby. This man worked diligently for 15 years at a very demanding job in order to support our growing family and his wife's crazy dreams. The day he quit to join me on this amazing ride will live with me forever. We now work side by side, caring for kiddos and dueling laptops at the kitchen table.

    Jen Krohn
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    Sunny Jones
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    Deanne Ziadie
    Marketing Director. A beautiful soul, former nurse and lover of yoga, this 
    beautiful and inspiring friend put aside her own business to come and dream big dreams with me and I love her for it.