Size Guide

Size Guide

The Snuggle Me™ Infant is 30 x 18.5 x 4 and meant for babies up to 9 months who are not yet crawling. The Snuggle Me™ is uniquely designed to contour to baby's head and torso. At first, they WILL be able to fit all the way into the Snuggle Me™ center-sling™, but as they grow, they will fill out the center-sling™, and their legs will begin to drape over the bottom end of the lounger. To transition sizes, they must be 9 months, crawling and 21" from the top of their head to the base of their bum.

Our Toddler size is only recommended to babies who have met certain milestones in development. Regardless of baby's size, until they have reached these milestones, the Toddler lounger is not a safe option. Most newborns will fit entirely within the center sling of the lounger, but as they grow their legs will begin to drape over the bottom's end. See our video comparison for a closer look. 

  • 0-9 months+

  • Baby is not yet crawling 

  • Offered in Organic and Wool

  • 9 months +

  • Baby is crawling

  • Baby measures 21" from top of 

    head to base of bum