Swaddle FAQ




How Do I Swaddle My Baby?:

We have videos here to show you both the traditional swaddle wrap as well as a knot wrap 

How Do I Wash My Swaddle?

Snuggle Me Swaddles are made with organic cotton and dyes so should be wash and dried on cold settings. To completely avoid shrinking to your swaddle, line dry.

 What are the benefits of swaddling?

Swaddling is a long tradition, passed down by mamas for centuries. Tightly wrapping your baby is comforting and helps them sleep much better than laying freely. Most babies will enjoy swaddling until 6 months or so and will slowly transition out of liking the confining feeling. The biggest benefits are: -longer sleep cycles -a more content baby -helps keep baby on their back 

How do I avoid hip dysplasia while swaddling?

When babies are born, their legs will naturally pull in towards their bodies as their legs were in the womb. This neutral position is important to maintain, especially during the first 3 months. Do not swaddle baby’s legs tightly but let them rest pulled up near their bodies.

What are the ways I could use my swaddles??

The uses for our versatile swaddles are endless and are not just for swaddling young babies. They can be used anyway you can imagine, but here are a few: -security blanket -swaddle -nursing cover -diaper bag blanket -stroller blanket -creative play -changing blanket.



What type of fabrics are used for the Snuggle Me Swaddles?

All of our Snuggle Me fabrics are made with USA-sources and made organic cotton. Our swaddles also contain 5% lycra so there is a wonderful stretch to them.

What types of dyes are used to create the colors?

We use GOTS certified organic dyes for all of our colors. Our dyes contain no animal or plant bi-products. 

Where are Snuggle Me Swaddles made?

All of our swaddles are made in Minnesota, USA and are individually inspected for quality.

How did you decide your names for each swaddle?

We love having our customers be a part of our brand and so we run contests via Instagram anytime there is a new release! All of our covers have been named by our loyal customer base.