postpartum support

Supporting moms on their parenting journey

Snuggle Me™ was created out of the very void that today's new mamas experience in postpartum support. Mia Carr, the creator of the Snuggle Me™ desperately needed a way to juggle the demands of her new twin babies and toddler while home alone. Out of that difficulty, Mia and her mother-in-law designed a brand new concept: a sensory lounger that would give baby the feelings of being held when placed inside.  

...I could see the Snuggle Me form around her. I knew it was exactly what she had been seeking. Thank you for helping us finally get the rest we all were needing!

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Mia is a mom like you who understands the importance of bonding and the needs babies have for close, physical contact with their mama.  She understands that moms can feel like they are slowly losing their minds with the constant juggling of children's needs and doing so alone the majority of the day. Snuggle Me™ is a team of moms who are passionate about supporting moms in their parenting journey. 

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bonding with baby

Make your postpartum recovery a breeze. Snuggle Me™ products allow you to keep baby within touching distance through the day and will help you facilitate the breastfeeding relationship and bonding process. Midwives, doulas, pediatric chiropractors, and infant massage therapists all use and recommend the Snuggle Me™ to their patients.  


Postpartum Support

The Snuggle Me™ in no way replaces a mother's touch; however, it will give your baby the feelings of security they need and can ease stress and fears during postpartum. Natural birth professionals recommend Snuggle Me™ during the 4th trimester to provide new moms with positive postpartum support. 



going green

Finding safe products for babies in a sea of synthetic options is frustrating. We understand the importance of these issues for your family and are dedicated to always producing USA made products in small batches with the safest possible material sources.  Using both natural and organic materials such as organic lambs wool and organic cotton, we ensure our products are completely non-toxic, flame retardant-free for a green and healthy babyhood.  



The craftsmanship and quality of a Snuggle Me™ is absolutely unmatched. Partnering with a local, women-owned sewing company here in Duluth, MN, we work tirelessly to ensure only the highest level of quality for both our little customers and their families.