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Listing includes one Snuggle Me Original bare lounger. No additional accessories included.  

Our Snuggle Me Original Bare is now available in our most popular colors for a limited time! Travel bag and cover are not included.

Our Snuggle Me Original was the first ever patented sensory lounger for baby! Made in the USA with conventional cotton. Breathable and incredibly cozy.


29 x 17 x 4. Designed to fit babies 0-9 months approx.


How do I wash my lounger?

Wash loungers on the coldest/most gentle cycle with dye free/organic/unscented detergents. Wash separate from other items to prevent bleeding. Tumble dry coolest/gentlest settings. For best results, lay lounger flat to air dry until damp, then continue drying on cool cycle in dryer. Loungers WILL shrink when dried with heat. Never pour detergent directly onto the lounger, and avoid Dreft brand as it can cause discoloration on your lounger. If your lounger ever feels that it loses shape after washing, simply view our tutorial to even the fill back out when necessary.

Do I still need a cover for my lounger?

You do not need a cover for our loungers. The loungers are machine washable and can be used without accessories.

Why only while supplies last?

Think of this as trial run. We introduced the Snuggle Me Original Bare in optic white in the Spring, and to enhance even further, now are testing the colored loungers all based on your feedback! We reached out months ago to our instagram family and wanted to know what you all hoped for from us in the future. Affordability was top on the list. So here we are, testing the concept and looking forward to the feedback! We appreciate each and every review and if you love them as much as we do, we will be releasing organic bare in the near future!

Will these be available in toddler size as well?

Our current plans are to release these in toddler organic as well. Again, we are basing the decision on your feedback, so let us know what you think!

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