Safety FAQs

What is your general safety advice?

We recommend that you do not use the Snuggle Me™ in a crib or leave baby unattended. The Snuggle Me™ should never be used in a separate room as an adult.  Do not place on high surfaces and do not carry baby while in the Snuggle Me™.

Why can't I put this in a crib?

Legally, nothing should be placed inside of a crib to sleep with your baby, not even a blanket. Snuggle Me™ is to be used for lounging, but not separate room sleeping or crib sleeping.

How do I keep my baby safe with Snuggle Me™?

Place baby in the center of the lounging surface.  Give baby their own blankets to use.  Lay baby in the center of the Snuggle Me™ on their back, never on their stomach or side.  Adjust baby as needed and never leave them unattended.

Does it really help them stay content?

Babies spend 10 months tucked snuggly inside their mother's womb.  After they are born, all the "space" leaves them a little lost and uncomfortable. This is why swaddling is so magical to them.  The Snuggle Me™ creates a boundary around them, allowing them to feel secure even after you have laid them down.  The Snuggle Me™ feels similar to a pair of arms holding them (obviously not a replacement for holding your baby...hold your baby A LOT). But when you do need to lay them down, the Snuggle Me™ will help them continue to feel snuggled and safe. It actively hugs your baby truly recreating the feeling they're used to in the womb. We have been selling the Snuggle Me™ for 11 years now and our customers have said from the beginning that Snuggle Me™ helps baby stay content longer, allowing baby to feel snuggled and secure.  

I thought babies weren't supposed to lay on pillows?

First, and most importantly, Snuggle Me™ is NOT a pillow. It has been carefully engineered to safely, securely, and comfortably give baby a safe lounging space. Everything has been methodically taken into consideration; from the overall length and width of the Snuggle Me™, as well as the specific length & width of the patented hammock center-sling™, all the way to the placement, length, and width of the sew lines. Additionally, the width of the baffles and the degree to which they are filled has been carefully considered for maximum comfort and safety. 

That being said, there are 2 reasons why babies should not sleep on or near a pillow.  

1) A baby will roll around on them, and because they do not take any type of "form" they can get themselves into dangerous positions. The Snuggle Me™ keep baby safely positioned on their back (unlike other loungers) and is not a pillow.  It has a firm "form" that will not change no matter how baby moves.

2) Pillows are too soft and can contort baby's airway.  The Snuggle Me™ is actually unpadded...there is nothing in the center except a thin piece of fabric. This means it will take on the firmness it is placed upon and will keep baby safely positioned on their backs.  If you lay it on the floor, it will be very firm. If you lay it on a bed, it will be as firm as the bed.

Will my baby roll over in Snuggle Me™?

The Snuggle Me™ is designed with a center-sling area, basically a thin piece of fabric which suspends.  When you lay them on top of our exclusive center-sling™ which is similar to a hammock, the sides gently pull in to snuggle them, also causing a small amount of pressure around them. Because of this design, it is difficult for baby to roll. Of course, you should never leave baby unattended and also attend to baby immediately if they are fussy or squirmy. When they are strong enough to crawl, there will be a point where baby will be able to roll OUT of the Snuggle Me™, but even then, they will still have a hard time rolling within it.  All that said, keep baby well attended because babies are unpredictable.

What happens when baby is able to roll over or crawl on their own, can I still use the Snuggle Me™?

Snuggle Me™ is designed for babies 0-6 months of age.  At 6 months, baby will most likely not yet be strong enough to roll out of the Snuggle Me™.  HOWEVER, there will be a point that they will be able to do so, so please pay close attention to your baby, especially once they get up to or past that 6 month mark. If they are rolling at 3 months old or so, they will not have the tummy strength to roll out of the Snuggle Me™.  (But again, please attend your baby at all times).  If you are concerned, make sure baby is laying all the way down in the Snuggle Me™ with their legs draped over the bottom edge. This will make it even more difficult for them to move around. See our Fitting and Positioning Guide for visual reference. 


Has the Snuggle Me™ been tested for safety?

The Snuggle Me™ uses fabrics and materials directly from the USA.  This means that the fabrics (in particular) are regulated by the CPSIA. The CPSIA has the highest standard for product safety anywhere.  As for our fills, our organic fills are both certified organic and are in their raw, unprocessed forms. Even our polyester fill is made in the US and contain no added chemicals and does not contain Ethylene Glycol, Phthalates, BPAs, or flame retardants.

In terms of use, we have produced our Snuggle Me's for 1 years and there are still no tests available that would test for use of the product, which is true for nearly ALL products produced today.  When products say they are tested for safety, what they usually mean is that they meet the basic lead and the toxic chemical tests that are required for all products.   This speaks nothing of how the product is used.

The JPMA does offer testing for more common items, for example strollers, high chairs, car seats etc., but cannot help with products that fall out of those categories.  When they test these products, they are seeing what happens in a crash, what happens when you tip them over, or drop them from high from a high place.  But even these more mechanical tests cannot predict every single situation (which is why there are such large amounts of recalls on products that have in fact been tested for safety).    

What we do have is a 11 year track record of amazing safety performance.  Our product keeps babies in place, preventing them from rolling in the Snuggle Me™. Our product is unlike other, newly emerging imitation products. We've patented this technology and have a long track record you can trust.

Will this help with breastfeeding?

This is not a breastfeeding aid, so it will not help directly with breastfeeding. However, it will help keep baby close to you which promotes the success of breastfeeding. It is super easy to get baby in and out of the Snuggle Me™ and allowing baby to stay settled after eating. This is most critical during the first few weeks after birth when good feeding habits are being established.