Shopping FAQ's

What are the different lounger types?

We have 3 different Snuggle Me sensory loungers. All are the same in size and function and are sewn with USA-made fabrics, containing zero flame retardants or other additives.

  1. Snuggle Me Original™: Conventional (non-organic) fabrics, filled with a hypoallergenic, virgin polyester fiber fill.  Starts at $120.00 (in natural)
  2. Snuggle Me Organic™: GOTS certified organic fabrics, filled with a hypoallergenic, virgin polyester fiber fill.Starts at $140.00 (in natural)
  3. Snuggle Me WOOL™: GOTS certified organic cotton and wool fabrics, filled with virgin lamb's wool, humanely shorne from USA-raised sheep.Starts at $258.00 (in cotton pattern cover)

What is a Baby Bundle?

When you are customizing your Snuggle Me™ package, you can choose to add a second cover of your choice and a puddle pad to your order. Bundling these items together will save you 15% automatically.  Many parents go this route in order to both save money and make sure they have a back up cover and a puddle pad on hand for those baby messes that happen both day and night. 

Can I choose 2 different covers with my Baby Bundle?

Yes! Your first choice cover will be the cover you initially choose within the shopping option above.  Your second cover choice will be in the drop down menu in the customization page.  The puddle pad will be included automatically when you choose to add your Baby Bundle.