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Mia Carr, CEO & marketing/media 

Mia Carr, CEO and founder, started Snuggle Me™ around her kitchen table 10 years ago. She is a homeschool mama of 7 (yes, 7) and has had a wide range of birthing experiences, from hospital to more recent birth center births.  

Mia also co-writes our blog, SimplyBeingAMama and has been featured as a birth expert on the Birth Institute and Pathways to Family Wellness.  She lives in Duluth, MN on a 20 acre homestead, raising kiddos, chickens and veggies. 

Her most helpful advice for new parents: Keep baby close and attend to them as soon as they rouse.  She advises new moms that having baby sleep through the night is not the goal. Instead, the goal is to help them feel confident and secure in who they are.  Young moms, know that as you are up, yet again tonight, there are thousands of other mamas rocking their babies with you. Learn more about Mia's journey in starting Snuggle Me™.

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Lynne Jeffers, Director of customer service & fulfillment

Lynne is a mama to 3 grown kids, including our CEO, Mia Carr and recently joined the Snuggle Me™ family after twelve years in ministry. Previous to her position in ministry, Lynne worked for many years in Human Resources and staffing.  She now manages the growing Snuggle Me™ shipment center and fulfills each and every Snuggle Me™ order that comes in.  

She and her husband Tom live in White Bear Lake, MN, spending time with their 7 grandkids, golfing, time on the water, and any time they can get away to Michigan.  

Her most helpful advice for new parents: Each child enters this world with different personalities and preferences and has different needs as they adjust to the 4th trimester. Pay attention and do your best to respond to the unique needs of each one.

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Jen Krohn, Business Development Director

Jen is the Business Development Director and newest member of the Snuggle Me™ family. She and her husband have 5 beauties ranging in age from 23 to 8, as they sometimes pray for a “dull” moment. When Jen has some down time, she enjoys spending it with family and friends, hiking, camping, laughing and traveling.

Her most helpful advice for new parents: Trust your instincts. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even if it does not go exactly as planned, that's okay. Be open to change and show yourself the same grace you show others. Surround yourself with intelligent, well read and supportive people. Try to ask for help when you need it and enjoy every moment.

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