SNUGGLE ME™ Reviews From the Mama's

Love this lounger! Our baby feels safe and secure and works great with a swaddle! Perfect product!

Tiffany M

I purchased snuggle me lounger because I wanted a soft organic lounger for my soon to be daughter. This is very hard to find. I gave birth via c-section to my miracle child - Scarlet Ruby Rose. I have to say - Snuggle me outweighs all my expectations - by far, and is my absolute favorite item I have ordered for her. It can be substituted for so many other things, like swaddling blankets, mattresses, pillows and propting devices. I LOVE it!!!!!!! I literally use it all the time. It is so perfect. I'm still recovering from the c section so she is in it often. It is super light to carry, wherever I am I take the snuggle me and keep her in it. I love the option of being able to prop her head up on the ends, so it lifts her head up a little, and if she spits up I'm not as worried, and of course that helps with acid reflux as well. It cuddles her so well on all sides, and it's so soft. I don't even need to swaddle her in blankets because this does it for me; therefore I don't need blankets which she can get out of and possiblly put in front of her face. I can't say enough good things about snuggle me.

Lenore J

LJust used my "snuggle me" for the first time today - love it! I do a lot of newborn photography and it's exactly the solution I have been looking for. The boppy pillow with 10 rolled up cloth diapers underneath it to angle the baby is a thing of the past! Thanks for a great product!

Emily R

I. Love. This. Pillow! I had my doubts and didn't know if I wanted to spend the money on another lounger for my 2nd baby, but I am so glad I did. Worth every penny. I have a 10 week old and a 3 year old. My baby loves this pillow. It allows me to lay her down while I play with my older daughter. Excellent customer service as well. Best baby purchase I think I've ever made!

Emily M

Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter Bristol and I love the snuggle me pillow. My little escape artist was having trouble staying put, so we tried the snuggle me pillow and she does great in it. I carry it all over the house so I can put her down and get things done. I've used it for pictures, tummy time, and more, wish I would have found it sooner. I searched all over the internet and I've never seen anything like it, it's just exactly what I needed.

Brooke L

This pillow is a lovely product! I was looking for a safe and comfortable way for our little one to share our bed and this was the perfect solution. I was drawn to the company's business philosophy and parenting philosophy. I try to buy USA made quality products and this is just that! My baby prefers this cozy lounger to his swing or rock n play. I would highly recommend this lounger!

Zakia B

My daughter loves her snuggle me. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to have one. Unfortunately my daughter is in the hospital but the nurses here will make a the same design out of hospital pads and blankets. But it always has to be redone a couple times a day. So much extra work for nurses and parents. I got my husband to bring the snuggle me from home and all the nurses love it. They keep on saying the hospital needs to get some. Thank you so much. Smiles all around!

Kellie B

My name is LeAnn Phillips and I am a chiropractor in Florence Alabama. I ordered one of your Snuggle Me Cushions to use for my pediatric patients. I have not had it long and the babies love it. One mom couldn't believe how relaxed her son was while being worked on and laying on the cushion. The babies that I have put on it love it while they are on their backs. I also flip them over and lay them on their belly. I am able to work on their spine this way and it will be a good transition to the table as they get older. Thanks for making a great product. Thanks!

LeAnn P

I love the Snuggle Me Cushion. It allows me to take my son, Isaac, from one room to another and not worry about him rolling off of anything . . . couch, bed, etc. Also, when Isaac got his first cold at one month, I found that he could breath easier when I propped his head up on the cushion.

Janet F

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