Dr. Roy Steinbock, MD

Dr. Roy is a board certified Pediatrician and has been practicing Pediatrics since 1999.  Since his residency Dr. Roy has worked as a Pediatric inpatient doctor in a newborn nursery and neonatal intensive care unit, and in several Pediatric emergency rooms. Most recently, he has worked in primary care at Partners in Pediatrics, a holistic general Pediatric group in Denver. You can visit Dr. Roy at his pediatric clinic, Mindful Pediatrics, in Boulder, CO.  

The Snuggle Me™ is a great product for infants... First, the Snuggle Me provides physical support that seems to tame the startle reflex in infants...

Secondly, babies spend 9 months tightly held inside their mother, so having a place for them to lay that simulates this “comforting” environment seems to reduce the stress on an infant. 
— Dr. Roy Steinbock
Danielle Allen