Elizabeth Decker, DC

Dr. Decker has experience working with patients with injuries or for wellness care. One of Dr. Decker's specialties is working with pregnant women. She co-treats with many midwives and obstetricians in the Boulder area. She also does home visits for new moms. 

“I love the Snuggle Me! I use it in my pediatric chiropractic clinic in two ways. First, if I am treating Mom, I have her newborn rest on the Snuggle Me while she gets her adjustment. Babies love to be in a comfy lounger and often will be content while Mom gets the attention she needs. This also keeps Mom from lugging in the car seat which is way too heavy and bulky. 

Secondly, I use the Snuggle Me when I am treating newborns. I see many pediatric patients in my practice and one of the most important things to do while I’m doing my exam and treatment is to keep the baby calm and comfortable. This Snuggle Me is perfect for that. 

I also recommend the Snuggle Me to my clients for use in between treatments. The Snuggle Me helps to keep babies backs in the neutral position which is best for growth and good back posture.” 
— Dr. Elizabeth Decker, DC
Danielle Allen