Heidi McLoughlin, CIMI

Heidi McLoughlin is the President and Head Trainer of IMIS Australia. She has been in business for over 12 years with IMIS Australia and has been a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) for the past 15 years.   

As an infant massage facilitator, I value any additional aid that can help make our baby massage classes run smoothly. The Snuggle Me™ provides an infant with a boundary that helps them feel more settled during massage time. Infants can feel a little “lost” when they are simply laid down for massage time with infinite space to move around. Having the boundary of the Snuggle Me helps them stay settled and allows them to lie longer for massage time.” 

”Because massage can provide so many benefits to parent and child, it is best if massage be carried out daily and the Snuggle Me increases the chances for this. Using the Snuggle Me can lengthen the massage which is beneficial to both infant and parent.” 

”Ultimately, the Snuggle Me can ensure that a baby feels safe with secure boundaries, which helps to ensure that massage can take place and continue for the longest amount of time possible. I highly recommend using the Snuggle Meboth in class and at home for infant massage!” 
— Heidi McLoughlin, CIMI
Danielle Allen