What makes Snuggle me™ exceptional? 


design. the magic is in our slightly raised and unpadded patented center-sling™

When you lay baby on our center-sling™, the sides of your Snuggle Me™will gently pull in against baby, giving the feeling of a hug. this is a unique, patented feature only found in the Snuggle Me™. Because of our protective patents, no other lounger can give this sensory experience to your baby. 


Our exclusive design creates a secure fit around baby's torso ensuring baby is not able to roll or turn within the lounger. It actively hugs baby recreating the womb. 

Keeping baby safely in the back position is newborn safety 101. We encourage all new families to take this into consideration when they are looking at other lounging options. Babies should not be laid on padded surfaces when they are able to roll or turn. 

helps prevent the moro or 'startle' reflex

The startle reflex is a protective newborn reflex that causes unneeded stress on baby. Because the Snuggle Me™ securely contours to baby and provides physical support all around , it is the only lounger that truly tarries the Moro (startle reflex in infants. Again, this is due to our patented center-sling™ that forms around baby and provides the physical support they crave. 

hand crafted in the usa

Dreamed, designed, patented, and made in the USA. Ten years ago, we made the first Snuggle Me™ at our kitchen table on a used sewing machine with fabrics from the local sewing store. We were equipped only with a vision and crazy determination. Staying true to our beginning, we continue to employ local, Minnesota sewers to craft each and every Snuggle Me™ with care. 

We also have chosen to only use fabrics manufactured here in the USA. Why? First, because we value supporting family owned US businesses and second, because all fabrics made in the US are under the regulations of the CPSIA, which have the strictest regulations on fabric manufacturing in the world. As moms ourselves, we wanted the best choice possible for our materials setting us far above any competitor. 

Providing post partum support for mama


It used to be that mamas were surrounded by wise, experienced mothers after the birth of their baby. There would be a line of aunts and grandmas and cousins eagerly waiting to hold baby if a new mama needed a rest, take a break, or just go to the bathroom. Our culture has shifted significantly and sadly, this is no longer the world of the new mama. 

The Snuggle Me™ was created out of the very void that today's new mamas experience in postpartum support. The creator of the Snuggle Me (Mia Carr) desperately needed a way to juggle the demands of her new twin babies and toddler while home alone. Out of that difficulty, Mia and her mother-in-law designed a brand new concept: a cushion that would give baby the feelings of being help when placed inside. 

Being deeply passionate about attachment parenting, Mia understood the importance of bonding and the needs babies had for close, physical contact to their mama. She also understood that she was slowly losing her mind with the constant juggling of children's needs and doing so along the majority of the day. 

All I needed was someone to come in and simply hold one of our little babies for awhile. I could have felt much more confident and pulled together during that time. Had I felt better about my baby’s needs being met, I would have felt less guilty and more successful as a new mama. But the truth is, I felt deeply insufficient and I think a lot of mamas feel this way as they face that postpartum period.
— Mia Carr, CEO

The Snuggle Me™in no way replaces a mother's touch and is not a replacement for human support; however, having a portable place that gives baby the feelings of confinement that mamas know they need, can ease the stress and fears mamas can have while experiencing postpartum. 

This positive support to a new mama is exactly why so many natural birth professionals suggest the use of the Snuggle Me during that 4th trimester.