Baby sensory lounging

From our hearts to yours

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Snuggle Me™ is a company that was built by mamas for mamas. We've all been there and are confident that Snuggle Me™sensory loungers are the best on the market for helping you and baby feel safe and secure. 

Count yourself among a growing number of parents who are going back to the way things used to be. Snuggle Me™ has countless benefits for both parents and baby and we support and encourage your decision 100%. Our Snuggle Me™ products will give your baby their own separate space anywhere you take them, easing the worry of allowing your baby a safe place to play and lounge. Light and compact, the Snuggle Me™ is a comfortable way for you to be hands free while caring for baby. 

All I needed was someone to come in and simply hold one of our little babies for awhile, I could have felt much more confident and pulled together during that time. Had I felt better about my baby's needs being met, I would have felt less guilty and more successful as a new mama. But the truth is, I felt deeply insufficient and I think a lot of mamas feel this way as they face that postpartum period.

– Mia Carr, CEO