sensory lounger

Why choose snuggle me? 

Each of our Snuggle Me systems uses all natural and organic materials with our exclusive center-sling™ design to help your baby get better sleep. Our baby sensory lounger will be your go to baby item for years to come. 


our unique design

The magic is on our slightly raised and unpadded patented center-sling™. Our unique design will gently pull in against the baby giving your little one the feeling of a hug. No other lounger can give this sensory experience to your baby...all others fall short. 



The Snuggle Me™ creates a secure fit around your baby's torso ensuring that your little one is not able to roll or turn in their safe space. Babies should not be laid on padded surfaces where they are able to roll or turn, no matter how "breathable" a fabric is. Our baby loungers will keep your baby safe on every lounging surface. 


better sleep cycles

Snuggle Me creates a soothing, familiar environment helping your baby feel safe and secure no matter where they are. The Snuggle Me™design prevents the Moro or startle reflex, which is a protective newborn reflex that can frequently wake your baby. Your baby will experience better play and lounging without interfering with his/her natural rousing cycle. Snuggle Me meets the needs of babies to feel secure in order to rest more peacefully while they continue to rouse as their biological safeguards were designed.


made in the u.s.a.

Equipped with only a vision and crazy determination, we made the first Snuggle Me at our kitchen table on a used sewing machine with fabrics from the local sewing store. Staying true to our beginning, we continue to employ local, Minnesota sewers to craft each and every Snuggle Me™ with care. We only use fabrics under the regulations of CPSIA and made in the USA to ensure quality and safety. As moms ourselves, we ensure the quality and safety for every Snuggle Me™ product.