Why Families choose snuggle me™


We asked parents why they've chosen Snuggle Me™ organic cosleeping infant lounger and they all say the same thing. 

  • USA Made
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

USA Made

Established in 2006 when new mama, Mia Carr, needed an extra set of hands to juggle her active toddler and newborn twins. Snuggle Me™is the ORIGINAL Sensory Lounger for baby. It is also the only 100% USA made organic lounger on the market, made exclusively in the USA (Minnesota to be exact) with materials sourced only from the United States. Snuggle Me™ is handcrafted and is the only product on the market with our exclusive patented center-sling technology™.


We use organic, ethically sources, all natural materials and fills, and our hypoallergenic poly fill is free from flame retardants and ethylene glycol (as are all of our organic natural fibers). Additionally, all fabrics and materials are lead free, latex free, phthalate free, and BPA free. All organic components used to create Snuggle Me™ are third party certified organic and chemical free. 


Our closed system (not open at the bottom or closed with clasps) is an important feature because it doesn't allow baby to scoot. Similarly, our exclusive patented center-sling™ guarantees several essential and important functions you want in a lounger. 

Why is the center-sling™ essential?

  • It releases just enough with the weight of baby to gently pull in the sides of the lounger so that she feels as though she's being held & cradled. This is soothing to baby because it reminds them of being in the womb, so along with helping baby feel secure, it soothes their Moro reflex.

  • While releasing gently to cradle baby it continues to support baby's head keeping it above and away from the sides of the lounger.

  • Because of the width & length of the Snuggle MeTM, and because of our center-slingTM, baby isn't able to roll over, or roll into the sides. In other words, he is safely and securely kept on his back for lounging - this is the agreed upon safest way for an infant. It actively hugs baby and recreates the womb.TM

Why is the length and width key to your design?

  • An important & distinctive feature of Snuggle Me Organic™ is that unlike other loungers on the market it was created to cradle baby's torso, not the entire baby, so this means that as he grows, he will be able to utilize the full features of the lounger as it was designed - with their legs gently draping over the bottom.

What are the benefits of this feature?

  • First, it continues to keep budding crawlers safely nestled within the Snuggle MeTM(they can't get enough momentum to push themselves out of their lounger).

  • Second - it creates a neutral spine for baby which is healthiest during their infancy when they do their fastest growing.

We've purposely omitted a padded bottom in our loungers because that is also safest for baby. Snuggle MeTM takes on the firmness it's placed upon, unlike other examples that have padded bottoms.