About Us

Hi, I'm Mia, mama of 7 and Founder of Snuggle Me.  The Snuggle Me brand was founded in 2007 after I had twin boys. I struggled to meet the needs of both babies who never seemed to be content anywhere but in my arms.  I confided in my mother-in-law and together, we designed and patented a lounger that would hug baby. This much needed support item could be easily toted around the house and was incredibly effective at calming baby.  We called it a sensory lounger because of how it created a physical sensation for baby and was more than just another place to lay baby down, it snuggled them.

We got to work and sewed 12 Snuggle Me loungers at our kitchen table and brought them down to our local craft fair. There, we sold all 12 and left knowing our idea would be big.

As we began to grow, my passion for organic, local products also grew.  I was itching to create one with all organic fabrics made by our local Minnesota sewers.  I believed there were not enough high quality, sophisticated baby products available. I made it my personal mission to keep these values over the years and we hope you can see that commitment in each piece we create.

12 years after those first days as a new mama of twins, I am surrounded by the best team I could possibly imagine and we are on a mission to not just offer the highest quality, best functioning baby products, but to also create a community for parents.  We hope you see and feel how much we care for each and every family we serve. Thank you for being apart of our journey!

Meet Our Team

Lynne Jeffers
Customer Service Director.  Lynne is the most important and supportive person in my life.  She is my very own mama. She faithfully walked away from her Pastoral job 2 years ago to help me manage our very first warehouse.  She has done ALL the jobs, but has now settled into the full time customer support role. There is no one who loves on our customers better than my mama.

Tom Jeffers
Director of Operations.  Tom is my mama's other half and my step-father.  He stepped away from his job as a head supervision at a medical company to take over all of our daily operation. The biggest sigh of relief the day was heard the day he walked in that first day.

Andy Carr
Chief Financial Officer. Andy is my other half, my dear hubby.  This man worked diligently for 15 years at a very demanding job in order to support our growing family and his wife's crazy dreams.  The day he quit to join me on this amazing ride will live with me forever. We now work side by side, caring for kiddos and dueling laptops at the kitchen table.

Jen Krohn
Sales Director. My dear friend Jen was one of the mamas in our homeschool group years ago.  She has not just been an amazing partner, but a cheerleader and faithful advisor. She now heads all of our wholsale expansion.

Sunny Jones
Content Marketing Director.  When I decided to take the leap and hire a content marketing director, I had this lovely mama (and customer!) in mind.  She was my first choice and she luckily was interested. Sunny is highly skilled in photography, video and creative writing.  She manages all of our media creation, photography and blog.


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