Oh Hey There!

I’m Mia Carr, Founder of Snuggle Me Organic. My mission from the very first days of Snuggle Me has been to create minimal, modern baby products that your babies would adore. Our growth has been unusually rapid. I honestly feel overwhelmed many days standing back seeing what has sprung from that very first handmade lounger I had sewn at our kitchen table. So let’s go back and explain where we’ve been. Because this journey is special and you’re an important part of it.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.

We began in a small town in Minnesota. I was a stay-at-home mom of a toddler and twin newborns. I’m not going to lie, that was a blur. My husband was working 6 days a week and I was always alone. I remember telling my mother-in-law that I needed help. What did I need? I simply needed someone to come in and HOLD a baby for me. Nothing else. Just hold them. I needed to relieve my guilt and give myself support. I needed a few moments to take a shower, make dinner, or even better, EAT dinner. The idea of a baby lounger that could be moved around the house and imitated the feeling of arms came to mind. I could make that. And so I did.

The First Loungers.

I made 12 little loungers on a borrowed sewing machine one evening. Our little kiddos running around our feet in their jammies. The next day we loaded those loungers up along with a homemade sign and a demo doll and set off to a local craft fair. I remember our very first customer. It was her eyes I remember most, and her sweet little baby. It was then that I fell in love with helping mothers and their families. We sold all 12 of those loungers that day and I would never be the same. How could I be? I had a clear vision and purpose for my life. I could not be stopped.

Hobby to real Business. 

Many years went by where Snuggle Me was my late night project. During the day I homeschooled our children (7 in total when all was said and done). Weekends would be filled with road trips to baby fairs or working on websites. As a young family, we struggled. There’s no way to say it other than that. We lost a home and there were months we had a hard time making ends meet. We needed safety and I saw Snuggle Me as the way. In 2015 I decided to turn this part time “hobby” into a serious business. It was that or I needed to quit Snuggle Me and find a paying job. It was a “go big or go home” moment. We got up on Amazon and rebranded our site. We then signed up for an Instagram account, and boy were things about to get interesting from there.

Cracking Instagram.

As I deep dove into the world of marketing, something inside me screamed, Instagram, that’s the way. Figure that out lady, because it’s the road. I became very obsessed with it. I studied and experimented like my life depended on it, and in many ways, it did. Succeeding there with Snuggle Me became my duty. We began to grow. In fact, we grew so fast it was overwhelming. Dear friends and family came on board to help with shipping and the growth. Truly, the excitement was unbelievable. We hit 1 million followers within 2 years of me directly taking over that platform and we just kept on growing. To me, Instagram has been a place of healing and personal growth. The community there has been my extended family. And you can still find me there, just a DM away. That accessibility has made Snuggle Me a unique, personal brand. I’m determined to keep it this way as I will forever be grateful to that platform, that journey and to those very important and special followers. They believed and supported me and my family in a way I could never repay. @snuggle_me_organic

Always Expand.

We began with a darling little lounger, one that helped solve my own problems of caring for children alone at home. I could never have imagined then that it would grow into a beloved baby brand with a growing product line, featured in Target, Buy Buy Baby and more. As I think about what’s next for Snuggle Me, what comes to me are the words expand and connect. I want our products to provide value to even more families around the world. I want to give back as much as I can to our customers and followers through their parenting journey. And mostly, I want Snuggle Me to be a beloved household name. These are big dreams, I know. But what Snuggle Me has taught me is that ANYTHING is possible when you have your customers and team alongside you cheering you on. So thank you, friends. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being a part of this very incredible journey. All my love. -Mia Carr.